Video Podcast Episode 19


  • This is my last podcast recording until 9th January
  • The MyMuddlings Etsy store will be staying open right through
  • Follow me on Instagram @anneofjulie or @mymuddlings or both!

Finished Objects

Works in Progress

  • Diagonal Crochet Blanket AKA Crazy / Ugly / Beautiful my project page
  • Various sock yarn scraps – see project page for a full list
  • I used the blog The Lazy Hobbyhopper to refresh myself on the method
  • Vanilla socks my project page
  • Kathy’s Fibres Sock Yarn Superwash BFL/Nylon in Sea Anemone


  • 2017 Stash-Down-A-Long – I’ll update the Ravelry boards with an FO thread and a chatter thread shortly along with the rules please follow my Instagram @anneofjulie for notification of this being done. x

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for watching!!! See you in 2017! 😀